Frozen Strawberry Mojito And Hangover Helper

Frozen Strawberry Mojito And Hangover Helper

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There are few of my own recipes that are very good for immune boost, but I will tell you about having fun with Ninja blender! This is how it can be used to relax on hot summer evening. My favorite ninja blender recipe is one for frozen strawberry mojito.

Frozen strawberry mojito


Fresh strawberries, ice, mint leaves, lime, rum ( havana 3 anos), brown sugar


Just put 4-6 fresh strawberries, 2 glasses of ice cubes, about 8 mint leaves, squeezed juice of one and half  lime,  0,12 L of rum and 8 tea spoons of  brown sugar into 72 oz  pitcher and mix it all together.

That’s it, enjoy in perfect summer drink!

If  you enjoy yourself a bit over the edge and you feel a little light headed in the morning, don’t worry because there is a Hangover helper recipe.

ninja blender recipesHangover Helper


Ginger, Almond butter or milk, pomegranate juice,ice and banana


There aren’t exact measurements for this cure. Just mix it all together, if it becomes too thick, you can always eat it with spoon or just add a little bit of water or milk. Also you will maybe need a bit of sugar, but I will leave it up to you!

If this isn’t helping find some other hangover smoothie or  maybe you should consider quit drinking.

Here are some ingredient benefit tips:

Antioxidants: raspberries, blueberries, blackberries , strawberries and spinach!

Nutrients and Fiber: all sorts of vegetables and fruits. In my opinion, banana is the best fruit for smoothies.

Rehydration: coconut water, definetly.

These are just two Ninja blender recipes and believe me, there is much more recipes then you can imagine. If you are still asking yourself why Ninja blender, I say why not? It will improve your lifestyle, just like mine did. I hope you will find my Ninja blender recipes useful.