Kiwi with Banana Smoothie

Kiwi with Banana Smoothie


With Ninja blender I can mix up a slew of different food, I can actually create my own Ninja blender recipes. It is all under my control. I can mix fruit, vegetables, ice, whatever I want. It blends everything very quickly and effortlessly. This blender is intended for frozen drinks, milkshakes, shakes, for cocktails or marinades and sauces.

Ninja blender has effective designed blades which are extremely sharp. It is very powerful but it can be really noisy. This blender is perfect little device that every kitchen needs. I’m an athlete and I need a lot of proteins. So with this blender I can make my own Ninja blender recipes, I put in it everything I want and need for training.

But of course there are also plenty other recipes which can help me in my shake choice. Most of the time I drink smoothies that can give me strength and energy. I adore using kiwis in smoothies and milkshakes just because they are really low in natural sugar and also have a great flavour. I recommend mixing them with creamy fruit such as banana or mango. Kiwis have lots of nutrients. They contain a high amount of Vitamin C which helps me increase iron absorption and boost my immune system.

This is one of my favorite ninja blender recipes with kiwi:

Kiwi-Banana Smoothie

2 kiwis
1 banana
2 cups fresh spinach
1/2 cup water

I hope you’ll enjoy this ninja blender recipe because you can drink it in the morning, afternoon or even you can prepare one for your work.