Ninja Blender Smoothie With Orange, Strawberry And Banana

Ninja Blender Smoothie With Orange, Strawberry And Banana


I love oranges and I use them as much as I can while it’s orange season. Mostly I use them in my smoothies. Oranges can lower your high blood pressure which is very good for anyone who has problems with blood pressure. Oranges and strawberries are my favorites, they fit really good together. This is one of my favorite ninja blender recipes ever because it is a great energy boost, so here it is:

Orange, Strawberry and Banana Ninja Blender Smoothie

1 orange

1 cup whole strawberries

1 whole banana

1/2 cup water if needed

You only need two minutes for this great smoothie and I think you’ll love it.

In this recipe you can add sugar, milk instead of water, anything that fits your taste. Ninja blender is a great device that helps you prepare food in fast but healthy way. I think it is awesome. I use it everyday for breakfast and snack before I train. There are plenty types of ninja blender smoothies. Healthy recipes, weight loss recipes, detox recipes, vegan recipes and many more. It all depends on what you choose. It can be a good helper in making lunch or dinner. I also use it when I’m mixing cocktails for a birthday celebration or just a casual home party. I only got positive opinions from my friends. Our today’s lifestyle is fast so it demands faster solutions for everything and this machine will create your favorite Ninja blender recipes fast and easy with just a touch of a button.

I recommend this product to anyone who wants to make their life easier and faster. With the help of Ninja blender recipes you can improve your health, lose weight if necessary, add your body a certain amount of energy, and save time in food preparation. I use it daily and I’m very satisfied.