Two Great Smoothie Ninja Blender Recipes

Two Great Smoothie Ninja Blender Recipes


My favorite ninja blender recipes are smoothies. Smoothie combinations I usually prepare for my kids and myself are countless; whatever I have in my fridge can be used for a delicious breakfast, snack or dinner. One other benefit when making smoothies is that you can use even those veggies or fruits which are a bit rotten, so there is no food throwing. You can also make drinks and cookies with it, but I will focus on smoothies now and present two recipes you can easily prepare.

Smoothie Ninja Blender Recipes:


You can add to this blender anything that pops to your mind; from bananas, kiwis, pears, peaches, oranges, apples, pineapples, through strawberries and any type of berries, grapes, with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots,  spinach, celery together with almonds, cereals, honey, coconut milk… The combinations are truly endless! If you don’t prefer thicker smoothies, you easily add water or milk to make it into a juice, to make it more drinkable.

I would like to recommend you 2 excellent ninja blender recipes; one very easy to make and the other just easy to make. These smoothies include fruits and vegetables you can find in your fridge or in the closest supermarket but you can always add something of your own interest and play with it.

Garden in a cup                                             How to make it

1 head of lettuce – chopped                  Add the water with spinach and lettuce into
1 apple – chopped                                 a blender. Start blending slowly until it
1 pear – chopped                                   smoothes. Move to higher speed, adding an
3-4 stalks of celery                                 apple, a pear and celery. If chosen, add
Juice of ½ lemon                                    parsley and coriander. Add the lemon juice
1 cup spinach                                          leaves last. Pour into a glass and enjoy the taste
1 cup of water                                         of a garden.
Optional – coriander, parsley

ninja blender recipes

Carrot & orange smoothie                                           How to make it

3 carrots – trimmed                                         Put all the ingredients into a blender, select
2 apples – peeled and chopped                     speed 10, press START and blend for 45
2 oranges – peeled                                          seconds. Pour into a frozen glass and enjoy!

ninja blender recipes

I hope you find this topic interesting and useful, because Ninja blender recipes can easily transform your life. I truly encourage you to try incorporating these recipes and smoothies into your daily routine.